Between 50 and 130 homes participate in the Woodmoor Community Garage Sale and people travel from all over to take advantage of the great deals.

Sellers have the sales at their individual homes. If you don’t live in an easy to find spot, consider teaming up with a neighbor on a different street or asking more close neighbors to participate to draw the crowds in.

Maps will be available June 27th!

Dates/Times: Friday, 6/28 & Saturday, 6/29, 8am-2pm.

Register: Click here to register as a seller for the 2019 Woodmoor Community Garage Sale

Questions: Claire Boynton & Jeff Garlick with Blessings Realty at 719-332-8360

Deadline: June 22nd

Sponsors: Claire Boynton &  Jeff Garlick, Blessings Realty, 719-332-8360

Happy Spring Cleaning!